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Holiday Crafts with Kids 8-14

Holiday crafts, science, and maker kits with kids are such a joy when there’s time for them. And ’tis the season to hunker down with the kids and enjoy some quality time. These holiday crafts are pretty, fun and will even help kids learn a thing about chemistry and science.


Holiday Crafts for Gifting by Kids:


This marble paper makes use of emollients and transferring to create stunning patterns and effects. Heavy card stock, shaving cream and food colouring is all you need. And some creativity!

Setting the table

Here’s an easy chemistry demonstration that kids can enjoy as a treat too!

Satisfying Holiday

There’s a trend in “satisfying” videos on youtube that are seemingly about nothing more than cool textures and repetition. Try this one “offline” for satisfying science.

Crafting organization for kids

Here’s a very easy and very “maker” craft for a pretty handy gift from kids. Hand sew a pair of old jeans into a toolbelt for the gardener, chef or handyperson in your family.

Clean Science

Craft these ingredients into gorgeous bath bombs. These truly are luxurious with olive or coconut oil and scent with natural essential oils or artificial extracts used in baking – use clear ones only.

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