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About Us

BRAINSPACE presents a multi-sensory journey fusing digital and print media in a dynamic and compelling way. From math and science to language and art, Brainspace speaks to an academic audience of children between the ages of 8 and 14.

The publication strives to present the most inspirational stories and articles – positive role models that can inspire young audiences with an eagerness to learn. Available in print with augmented reality technology, Brainspace produces memorable editorial productions that cross over from the printed page to the digital environment with cutting-edge films, documentary shorts and behind the scenes videos.

Our publisher is a teacher. Education is our passion. Brainspace is the result of our desire to help kids learn and read about what they enjoy. “Readers are life-long learners.”

Our Mission

Brainspace produces intelligent and engaging articles for students ages 8 to 14 in a format that bridges the gap between print and digital technology to expand literacy and promote optimal learning.

Media Kits

Our Media kit and more information available upon request. Contact Nicky Middleton toll free at (844) 330-4314 •

Parent/Child Advisory Board

  • Laurie and Kenny Weeden
  • Christine Bhumgara and Tia Nguyen
  • Rachel and Audrie Meredith, Catherine
  • Jill and Delia Jansen
  • Valerie and Alex Brown
  • Julianne and Michael McKall
  • Kelly, Finn and Ollie Fitzsimmons

Advisory Board

  • Jane Gertner, VentureLab Advisor/Mentorship
  • Armando Ianuzzi, Kestenberg Rabinowicz & Partners LLP
  • Paul Eekhoff, Photography and Design
  • Chris Emery, Publishing/Sale Consultant
  • Rosemary Munroe, Publishing/Sales Consultant
  • Nigel Newton, Consultant Augmented Reality

+1 (844) 330-4314

Toll-free in Canada & USA

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