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Brainspace wins prestigious Smart Media Award

Brainspace magazine is honored with a 2017 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award. It is a prestigious seal of educational quality for media and toys. The independent Academics’ Choice Awards program and its seal of excellence are recognized worldwide as a mark of effective learning tools.


“Brainspace is packed with awesome educational content. Some of it is even 3-D! Even without the augmented realit,y this magazine is top notch for upper elementary schools and middle-school aged children. I loved the table of Contents: Good To Know, Interconnections, and Fascinating Randomness. Great titles!”

“All of the articles and writing styles are engaging! My students would certainly enjoy this new form of magazine. It’s a great investment for any school to make. If the students aren’t engaged by the topics and content alone, they pick up their device and watch some of the pages come to life!”

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Brainspace publisher, Nicky Middleton, is proud of the achievement. “We’re relatively new in the arena of learning tools for kids. Brainspace magazine is our flagship publication. The competition in magazines for kids is huge. There are some really great ones out there like Beans, a computer coding magazine for kids. This is, in my opinion, much-needed content for kids. I started this magazine when I was a teacher because of what I felt was a huge gap between traditional and technological methods of the curriculum delivery. The award gives us the confidence that we are on the right path.


Having been a teacher, Middleton understands what can be optimal in a classroom. She has innovative products in mind.  “More resources for teachers. Downloadable and interactive resources for students as well. I’m often asked if we can produce French resources and resources for younger children with augmented reality.”

Though she admits that the financial rewards are greater with parents as subscribers to the magazine, than it is with schools, she says that the biggest reach when trying to improve education is still in schools. She strives to keep a foot in both the students’ homes and their schools. “I’m not entirely altruistic. I’m an entrepreneur and making money to grow our company is necessary. But first and foremost, I’m a teacher. That is why Brainspace got started. I’m passionate about educating our kids. I’ll help them whenever I can both at home and at school.”


“I love that it brings the real world to kids,” Middleton explains. How else can kids in Canada experience a deep sea exploration in the Galapagos? Kids in warm climates watch live polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba on their mobile devices as part of the Brainspace experience and it makes learning tangible. We can talk about adaptation and evolution of a species but how wonderful when a viper caterpillar can appear “live” on their mobile device to support the article on Darwin’s theory that is on the page they’ve just read. Eureka! Augmented reality is unique technology and kids are responding to it extremely well. There is research that indicates a 17% increase in memory retention when students use augmented reality enhanced learning tools. This recognition inspires us to move our ideas along!”