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6 Earth Day Activities for Kids

Contribute to saving our planet with these fun STEAM activities your kids will love, straight from the pages of our magazine!

Build an insect hotel

Building an insect hotel is educational, and hands-on, and promotes environmental responsibility. Let your kids unleash their creativity while encouraging empathy for nature. Plus, it’s a great way to get outdoors and make a positive impact on local ecosystems!

Make seed paper

Making seed paper will help to teach your kids valuable lessons about sustainability and the environment. Plant your homemade seed paper and watch it bloom into beautiful flowers, herbs, or veggies!

Create a milk carton bird feeder and seed feeder

Two great activities for kids that help to promote recycling, creativity, and a love for nature. Watch as local birds flock to enjoy their new feeder, all while teaching valuable lessons about environmental conservation. Always ask for help from an adult when using the stove and hot sugar.

Upcycled plant holders

A fun and eco-friendly activity for kids that teaches the importance of recycling and sustainable living. Get creative with paint or stickers to personalize your planters, then watch your favorite herbs or flowers thrive in their new homes!

DIY paper straws

A fun and simple activity for kids that promotes sustainability and creativity. Decorate your paper straws with colorful designs and patterns, then sip your favorite drinks guilt-free!

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