What better way to teach children than to show them?

With augmented reality, Brainspace offers print and video throughout its
pages. Get the magazine in the mail, download the free Blippar app, launch and enjoy this unique and innovative magazine.

1. Read

Learn about science, history, geography, space, engineering and more fascinating content on every page. Watch for the Blipp icon. This icon means there is something to watch.

2. Watch

Fun songs about plate tectonics, math demos, quizzes, science experiments, and video segments to enjoy. The extended learning videos are on most of the pages throughout every issue.

3. Do

Pause the video play to gather your science experiment materials. Rewind to
watch a demonstration for a maker project. Complete the math challenge with the help of the video. These are the benefits of merging wonderful technology into the print pages of a publication for kids.

Give kids the best of both worlds. Video and print to optimize literacy.
All-in-one to give them an edge.