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About Brainspace

An Augmented Reality Fun Magazine For Kids.

Brainspace magazine presents a multi-sensory journey fusing digital and print media in a dynamic and compelling way. From math and science to language and art, Brainspace speaks to an academic audience of children between the ages of 8 and 14.

Our publisher is a teacher. Education is our passion. Brainspace is the result of our desire to help kids learn and read about what they enjoy.

Readers Are
Life-long Learners.

We strive to present the most inspirational stories and articles – positive role models that can inspire young audiences with an eagerness to learn.

With augmented reality, Brainspace produces a fun magazine for kids, with memorable editorial productions that cross over from the printed page to the digital environment with cutting-edge films, documentary shorts and behind the scenes videos.

Our Mission

Expanding Literacy For Optimal Learning

Brainspace magazine produces a fun magazine for kids using augmented reality technology. With intelligent and engaging articles for students ages 8 to 14 in a format that bridges the gap between print and digital technology to expand literacy and promote optimal learning.


In The Media

Brainspace Magazine in the media. Augmented Reality Magazine for kids. See us on Daytime, the Business News Network and TVOKIDS.


TVOKids Robotics Segment

Brainspace Magazine in the media – Brainspace Magazine President Nicky Middleton guest appearance on TVOKids shares the current issue’s Robotics article and more info on the award-winning publication.


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