Encourage Creativity In Kids

Encourage Creativity In Kids

Creativity is desired in innovation. Design-thinking is a buzzword in new hiring strategies. Yet, in our schools, art and music programs are typically the first to endure cuts in funding. So if schools aren’t preparing kids to meet future challenges, who is? Read on. It isn’t hard to achieve.

Music as a technology?

Absolutely. In fact, MRI imaging uses sound frequencies based on musical notes and rhythm. In space, SETI, a satellite recorder, scans and captures sound waves to potentially identify life forms in our universe. Did you know that each planet has its own sound?

Understanding sound, rhythm, and distinguishing patterns have become important in the development of space exploration.

Collecting data and reading the sound – as in music – requires high function in the same part of your brain. Music isn’t just for joining bands or symphony orchestras.

The Nature of Art

Have you ever drawn with a flower? Created art from a mushroom spore? Watched milk molecules dance when food coloring is added?

There is science in these and other art forms around us. Greater exposure to art, music, and nature, leads kids to develop an instinctive understanding of how nature behaves. Which in turn, can lead to innovation. The motion of hummingbird wings has inspired engineers at Boeing and Bombardier.

Patterns and pigment of art,  the sound, and movement of music are educational. The concepts of math and science are a natural progression.

So relax! If all your kid wants to do is listen to music and doodle, encourage it with a nudge toward understanding how it works. “That’s a crazy beat/sound! What is it? How do they make it? Sounds like a… I’m listening for the timing. Hear it?” or “Love that doodle/graffiti/pattern. What’s the inspiration? Light? Shape? Perspective? Mood? Can it be reproduced as a 3D sculpture? model?”

Stretch that creativity muscle!

Encourage creativity in your kids. It’s time well spent.

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And as always, launch their minds into Brainspace!

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