To quote our favourite characters on Letterkenney, “I was listening to the radio the other day…” when the topic of de-extinction came up. Yes, many of you might recall the articles Brainspace has featured in past issues on this very same topic. We’ve included the original video interview conducted by a lovely young reporter with David Sugerman of the Ontario Science Centre on this exact topic. We can’t get enough of this stuff. And neither can kids! This is cool science.

The interview discussed the topic of the de-extinction of wooly mammoths. Why – and where – on Earth would we re-introduce wooly mammoths? We’ll let you check the articles out on our kid’s stuff pages for yourself. But wooly mammoths aren’t the only things that are on the table for de-extinction. An extinct breed of the pigeon, goat and frog species are on the roster too. Fascinating. What may seem less fascinating but is of greater importance, is the de-extinction of basic math, writing and spelling in the classroom curriculum.

Cursive writing, spelling and basic times tables have gone the way of the dinosaurs. And for better or worse, we adapt. As our children’s literacy and math scores continue to plummet, it begs the question: “Do we re-evaluate the merit of re-introducing these back into our norm?”

Should the de-extinction of times tables, spelling rules and cursive writing happen in our classrooms?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!