Don't fight Spring fever – take math outside.

Don’t fight Spring fever

Don’t fight Spring fever – We’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity. And though we’re not entirely convinced that it has committed to staying yet, Spring is an energetic time of year.

Many of us go into cleaning, painting, fixing, organizing mode. We awaken from our hibernation and jog for the first time in – I won’t admit how long. Ambitious DIYers head for their local hardware stores and garden nurseries to prep for what we’re all ultimately excited about. Summer.

And kids feel much the same way. Their energy is boundless and they can feel the school year coming to a close. Like the horse nearing the barn – they are going into a full gallop. Do we realistically expect them to sit quietly and pay attention to the math lesson? Futile. But there are still 2+months of school left. Give up? Never.

So this is the time of year that teachers pull rabbits out of hats, reach deep into their bag of tricks to capture their anxious-to-get-out-to-recess-and-fling-their-coats-off-even-though-it’s-too-cold-yet students. Spring is bittersweet for teachers.

Here’s an activity that may help. Though it won’t solve the challenges of your roomful of children gazing longingly out the window rather than at your valiant attempt at creative teaching, it will put them where they want to be (outside) and help get some math into their brains (success!). Without a doubt, this is the coolest Fibonacci hopscotch I’ve ever seen. It’s the brainchild of our Brainspace editor-in-chief Marnie Ferguson. Download the image and please, pass it on! Let kids come up with their own configuration using the Fibonacci sequence to hop along with. Happy Spring!

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