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Sharing DNA

Living Things Share Common DNA

Where did life begin and how are there so many life forms? Did we all evolve from the very first living organism? Let’s explore DNA.

Did we all evolve from the same thing? Physicists, astronauts, doctors and most scientists continue to research, explore and wonder about the origin of DNA. Scientific research indicates that humans share common DNA with all species of the Five Kingdoms of Life. So, does this mean you share the same DNA as a banana?

You are 60% like a banana!

Yes. Our human genetic sequence is similar to other things, such as plants. We know this because our human genes are identified in many other species. For instance, approximately 99.9% of your own DNA is similar to other humans. We share 98 per cent of our DNA with a chimpanzee.


More people are born with brown eyes than blue eyes worldwide!

What other living species do you share DNA with?

85% cow, 44% bee, 90% cat, 85% dog, 24% grape, 65% chicken, 24% rice, 69% platypus, 47% fruit fly, 88% mouse

Gene Facts

• DNA is in genes.
• Genes are carried by chromosomes.
• Genes determine gender traits (not identification.)
• All cells come from pre-existing cells.
• Humans genetically inherit their appearance from their parents.
• Some genes are dominant (i.e. brown vs blue eyes). • Genes come in pairs.
• Reproductive cells, such as ovum, have one set of chromosomes. All other body cells have two sets.

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