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The Power and Illusions of Imagination!

Imagination. It’s powerful. Sometimes it plays tricks on you and makes you see things that aren’t there. In fact, it will even fill in lttrs in wrds.

Your environment, your memories and the rules you understand to be true about the world are what empower you imagination. And your imagination is important. Creative thinking, problem solving and planning ahead all depend on your imagination.

When you solve problems, create something new, write or do anything that requires some abstract thinking, your brain will draw on the knowledge you’ve stored through past experiences. Keeping your imagination active means living it up! Exploring, reading, experiencing new things help build your brain’s “bank” of knowledge. That means that your imagination is based on what you have seen, heard, touches, tasted, felt and learned in your lifetime.

How does it work?

Honestly? Scientists aren’t completely sure.

What we do know is that imagination requires many areas of the brain to work together. Your brain is extremely organized and has certain places to store certain information. There’s an area for sound, for feelings, for sensing, for moving your fingers, for reading this sentence and processing what it means. Your imagination relies on several areas of your Brian at the same time so it fires up a lot of brain power. For instance, think of a rose. Your imagination may draw on a certain colour, smell, size, based on what you know a rose to be. Your brain may spell the word. Your brain might recall a special occasion – like Mother’s Day – and draw on the emotion that you feel for your mother. It may even draw on the environment the rose was in; such as a vase, rose bush, in a grocery store flower shop. All of these factors are based on the experience and personal knowledge you have with that particular flower.

Not sure how to kickstart your imagination?

You should go for a walk or relax. Focusing too hard may put too much pressure on yourself and it can actually hinder your ability to find what you’re looking for. Take a little time to relax and let the ideas that naturally come into your mind adapt to the story or picture in your head.

What about Daydreaming?

It isn’t a waste of time. Imagine yourself at your best: performing on a big stage, scoring a championship goal, or preparing a gourmet dinner. Dreams can inspire you to create a roadmap to achieving them. Daydreaming is an ability that is unique to humans, and it provides a boost to your mental well-being and your creativity.

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