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Valentine’s Day Fun for Kids!

Marble Paper Cards

These cards make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, valentine’s day, and more. coordinate colours to match the theme of the card’s purpose (e.g. use pink, purple, and red for valentine’s day).


  • Shaving foam
  • A shallow dish such as a baking dish Food colouring (2 or more colours)
  • Skewers, chopsticks, popsicle sticks etc. for stirring
  • Thick paper or poster board
  • Piece of cardstock or art paper Scrap cardstock


1. Spray a layer of shaving foam to cover the bottom of the shallow dish.

2. Drop liquid food colouring on top of the shaving foam. Repeat this step for all of your desired colours.

3. Use the stir stick to swirl the food colouring into the shaving foam creating a marble effect.

4. Lay your piece of cardstock onto the coloured foam mixture. Lift it and use the piece of scrap cardstock to scrape away the excess foam. Let dry.

5. Continue to make additional cards by adding more foam and food colouring as needed.

Tiny Bear Sachet Gift

This adorable tiny bear has a pocket to tuck bits of aromatic herbs into. Lavender is praised for its calming fragrance, which is why some people place it inside pillowcases. Rosemary is also a nice herb to use in a sachet.

Gift this little bear to comfort someone you love.


  • 3-4 squares of felt (a large square of one colour for the body and 3 small squares of other colours for the other parts)
  • scissors
  • small button
  • sewing needle
  • spool of white thread fabric marker or Sharpie
  • STUFFING cotton balls or shredded paper
  • OPTIONAL: Nice-smelling dried herbs such as lavender or rosemary


1. Trace the pattern pieces onto the felt. Cut.

2. Sew the nose onto the face. Then sew the flower onto the pocket. OPTIONAL: sew a button onto the pocket flower.

3. Take one BEAR BODY piece and with a threaded needle, sew the pocket and the face into place.

4. Match the 2nd BEAR BODY piece to the first and sew them together. Keep the stitches close together. We recommend the back stitch for the body and the applied stitch for the rest.

5. Leave an opening between the ears for stuffing.
Stuff it gently with cotton balls. Use a pencil to push the stuffing into the arms, and legs. Once stuffed, sew it shut.

6. Draw eyes and a mouth with fabric markers or a pen.

7. Stuff a bit of lavender into the pocket. Your bear is ready to give away or tuck under your pillow!

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