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STEAM Education- STEAM Week


STEAM is an acronym that encompasses the key subjects in education: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. More importantly, it’s a way of teaching the interconnectivity of these subjects and, hopefully, in the process, helping students see the relationship that science has to technology, engineering, art, and math. And, of course, how each of these topics relies on the others to create a complete picture of life and the world around us. It’s a tall order, but we can get there one thoughtful lesson at a time. 


In its purest form, you are science. Your breath, sight, blood, bones, thoughts, and movement are all the results of chemistry, biology, and physics. Life around us and the forces that keep us attached to this planet are science, too. The study often seems complex because of how diverse it is. 

The obvious nature of science is beautiful in everything our senses take in.

In every issue of Brainspace’s magazines, we explore the many facets of science and how it is an intricate part of our everyday lives. 

We hope there is something that inspires your science mind this week. To better understand the laws of nature is to have a greater respect for life and the planet we live on. 


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. There has never been a time as ripe with the fruits of technological advancements. 

Coding programs are abundant. The coding process is more important than the result of the coding itself. The focus and precision required to code is a valuable learned skill.

It’s essential to recognize that technology goes beyond coding programs. An appreciation for the advancements in space exploration and the potential of artificial intelligence is what inspires big ideas.

Never has technology played a more significant role in our children’s lives. As digital natives, they need to understand the positives and the pitfalls of their digital engagements. 


The word means cleverness in Latin. Engineering is simply a term for solving problems using science and math. From the architecture of a skyrise building to the knitting pattern of a sweater, whatever we build needs a plan, calculation, and design. Engineering is the merging of all of these to create. We engineer sound, biology, electricity, mechanics, and even air.

In Brainspace magazine, we introduce the many facets of engineering and how it can make our lives easier. We hope there is something that inspires your engineering mind this week. Calculate, plan, pattern, and build to learn more about the world of engineering. 


The process of invention requires creativity and design, so it stands to reason that art should be an integral part of STEM fields. Hence, the more commonly used STEAM.

Stimulating the creative part of your brain, recognizing good design, and inspiring respect for artists past and present feeds future young creators and designers. 

With Brainspace magazine, our readers experience art in music, history, science, and construction. Experience art through a different lens and develop an appreciation for the many forms of art that exist.

We hope there is something that inspires your artistic mind this STEAM week. One enjoyable learning moment can lead to a lifetime of creative expression. 


Math is so much more than operations, algebra, and numbers. Math is art, language, and music and are an integral part of everyday life. Try to spend a day without relying on numbers of any kind. Money, temperature, time, distance, measuring, and, of course, calculating are used constantly in most of our activities.

Brainspace mindfully presents math concepts by linking them to everyday activities. It’s how we learn best.

Explore a variety of STEAM activities with Brainspace in honour of National STEAM Day on November 8th!

Join us to celebrate 5 days of STEAM with tons of STEAM activities each of the five days this week! View all our blogs for this week here:

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